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 Randy Roper's Quality Commitment:

I have created this site for all lovers of nude female beauty in strict yet tender Love Restraint.No lame "underwear bondage", no tame "topless bondage". Here´s where attractive women willingly always end up tied up full nude in familiar yet exciting settings, fulfilling their fantasies - and yours. At my place there´s simply no exception to the rule. If you share my fascination for nude female beauty in strict yet tender Love Restraint I am pretty sure you will like what you find on my site. See ya in members area!

Randy's Best Offers for Membership:

$8.35 a month! Annual Membership is $99.95

$11.70 a month! 6 Month Plan is $69.95

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$24.95 a month! Recurring at $24.95, each month

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Randy sez:

Better talk to your Congress representative while you are still allowed to...

So, you don't like the censorship of black out dots on my models' bodies here in my open area? You see, we all must abide the new internet laws of June 26, 2005. The black dots are meant to make sure no person under the legal age get to see what he/she shouldn't be viewing. We can understand that and we can support that. But what is next..?

If you are an U.S. citizen then I strongly encourage you write your congress person and tell him or her that you do not at all like the new U.S. regulations on Adult Entertainment lately. Not because you don't agree minors should be protected from viewing adult pics - we all do agree to that - but because there is a risk the Government will go much further in censoring the internet. It's a matter of Free Speach, for consenting Mature Adults.

Be sure to make your voice heard or we may possibly end up a world that's deadringer to George Orwell's '1984'. Haven't read that book..? Please do it - today. Visit your local bookshop or public library or Google for it on the 'net. Besides, when reading it, enjoy the nude rope restraint fantasies the main character Winston Smith has, regarding his attractive lady co-worker: "...he would tie her naked to a stake...". Now, don't you try tell me reading 20th century classic litterature is boring! :D

Randy sez: Get Educated. Get Informed. Learn the Difference. Do this and you will be able Make a Difference in your Society awa in our World. Do your Part and you will be a Part of a Great Change to Come.

Thank you.

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Help Attractive Females get into Nude Love Restraint

- support Randy Roper's mission.

Do it by becoming a member of this site & by doing that get richly rewarded. My members can view pics of all the most good looking ladies next door ever been captured |nude|and|bound|.

Thank you for your Time, Commitment & Possible Patronage.

"...you wanna do what with my feet..?! "

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All models are 18 years of age or older and are depicted as of legal age.

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